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1. Customer Focus
The customer is in the center/focus of all our work. We know that our performance is always dependent on our customer’s purchase decision. We know our potential customers and constantly improve our level of knowledge. We anticipate the needs and desires of our customers and continually innovate and improve all of our processes.

2. Professionalism
We are committed to work and render service at the highest standards and we follow-up closely the progress of our industry. In all professional work we consider the priorities of our task.

3. Respect
We respect people, the environment and the law, and we see it as an indispensable necessity to act within the framework of ethical rules. We act in an honest, transparent, fair and responsible manner in all our operations. Respect is the manner of trust for us, at the same time. Respecting our customers, our employees, our suppliers, our shareholders and the state become the foundation of our commitment to being and remaining a company that all these stakeholders will trust

4. Dynamism
With dynamic and flexible operation principle, we work fast and result-oriented regardless of conditions. We constantly analyze every change, environment and conditions and try to respond in time and often before.

5. Innovation
We look for opportunities for continuous improvement and innovation with the motivation to deliver products and services that we are proud of. With the awareness that mindfulness will only be passed on through innovative practices, we endeavor to ensure that the services we offer are modern and pioneering.
6. Team Work
We see team work as a basis for personal success. We strongly support the teamwork initiative, which includes collaboration, mutual loyalty, expertise and knowledge sharing, in all of our operations.