The Lufian design team of individuals who have embraced the spirit of an elite, effective and targeted style pursues to amaze their customers and to make them feel different every time in front of the mirror.
This goal requires that each product combine with thought and imagination to be shaped with high care and also that the entire collection is made an indistinguishable and indivisible piece.
It is the team’s greatest motivation to keep the happiness of stimulating the desire of our customers to choose products from the collection they are all admired for and to try out all possible variations.
Being able to do this is due to Lufian’s three important behaviors;

  • Every product is carefully designed, produced and passed through from 5 angles, lucky ones are included in the collection.
    1- Is it original and private individually?
    2- Is it suitable for the purpose of use?
    3- Is the integration with the collection complete?
    4- Does it meet customer trends?
    5- Is there a surprise for the customer?
  • Beside his ability to imagine as a primary, he starts to systematically read the data about customer preferences that are instantly updated and give directions. Customer preferences related to each product, every color, every body in all stores are closely monitored and evaluated.
  • Secondly, it remembers every step of planned and final aim. Our designer appreciates the suitability of all the angles he sees and touches on the fabric he knows and knows which product he will use in the final collection, then places that fabric in the place of the alternatives or leaves it wisely. This behavior, which supports collection integrity, has been adopted as a Lufian culture..