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Human Resources Mission: to make difference in the field of Human Resources with innovative systems suitable for brand excitement and that creates values for employees of the company
Human Resources Vision: to adopt systems and applications that will make a difference in the field of human resources and bring value to the customer focused brand goal.
Lufian Human Resources Policy: We can say that the value that Lufian gives to human resources is the most important element that provides the organization with competitive advantage in the market, and that the investment in human resources increases the added value of the institution.
We aim to approach our future goals a step closer by creating an institution that works with team spirit, based on Lufian values, motivated, happy and successful people. In this respect, our Lufian human resources policy is based on the following principles;
To ensure that the organizational structure in line with the Lufian plans and objectives shall be dynamic and ready for changes,
To provide Lufian to employ persons who are well-educated, well-behaved with high level of personal motivation, open to innovation and development, dynamic and who train new employees with the vision in line with Lufian values and to ensure them to stay with us for future success,
To create a healthy and peaceful work environment by carrying out activities that increase the motivation of our employees,
To carry out training activities that will enable our employees to grow, develop and raise with the training activities aimed at ensuring and increasing the continuity of quality,
Rewarding our employees by evaluating Lufian’s value-added practices and recommendations,
To create career development opportunities in harmony with the results of performance evaluation studies.
Human Resources Values: Internal Customer Satisfaction, Professionalism, Team Spirit, Methodism, Working on methods, Creativity, Innovation ”