“It is our first rule to choose our suppliers with great precision with the principle that “the right product can be produced by experts”.
Qualified staff could search and select the right supplier each product . These specialist producers are trained in how Lufian special production techniques, control systems, audits and careful production of the desired product are produced. The team in charge of quality assurance is carrying out a close and transparent system by entering into the system instantaneously the information they receive from the site by means of online applications.
Controls are made for the provision of Lufian standards. With the Lufian standards, it extends from the twist of the yarn used in the fabric to the type of needle used in the sewing, and from there to the rate of goose down oil.
Fabrics, accessories and products The satisfaction that our suppliers receive from fulfilling their duty in the production of these special products such as fabrics, accessories and products is always a driving force for us ”